How to Create a Haiku in English

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I love poetry and believe that if you start writing “good” poetry, it will help you to become a better creative writer. That being said, I also like rules in poetry. There must be some parameters that we follow to create our visual word poems. Otherwise, we are left with words that don’t convey a cohesive feeling or thought.

I’ve had a few questions on how to write the different poetry forms. I thought I would start with the Haiku first because it is one of the most powerful poem structures we have to express deep emotions. The brevity of the structure (5/7/5) causes the poet to choose their words carefully.

Haiku, according to “…is a Japanese verse in three lines.  Line one has 5 syllables, line 2 has 7 syllables, and line three has 5 syllables. Haiku is a mood poem, and it doesn’t use any metaphors or

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19 thoughts on “How to Create a Haiku in English

  1. Emily here…..such a valuable article, Colleen, for anyone who likes poetry but especially if they also like trying to create it. Thanks, Chris……I think I already commented on Colleen’s blog yesterday morning, but will go and recheck just to be sure. Besides, I want to read that beautiful Haiku again. 🙂

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    • You know, that’s an interesting analogy about “the rules.” I worked in accounting for years and that may be why I love poetry with rules. Thanks for that, Teagan. ❤

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      • Hmmm… Maybe I really am right then, Colleen. I play piano by ear. I don’t read music. I tried a couple of times to learn, but the different timing of the various notes (I do not mean rhythm or beat) was like “math.” It went to (or had to come from) a place in my head, as does math, that just can’t seem to process it well. When I try to work with the way poetry is “supposed to be” done, I have the same reaction. Interesting. Happy Saturday hugs.

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        • That is interesting. The creative side of your brain is really strong. I say, my two sides battle it out. That logical side wins quite often. At that point I have to engage the creative part of me to redo what that logical side did. LOL. I usually get a decent balance. 😂 Usually…

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