How is your day as a writer?

It would seem that Authors and Bloggers have similar distractions 😄

Jean's Writing

Do you ever have a day like this?

You know the kind. One step forward and two steps back. Come on fess up.

I’ll admit some days this is more or less how I write. LOL

Good morning! Fueling up!

Just one quick look.

Research location. Where oh where to put this story? Oh, I’d love to visit Paris. I’ll check flights. Won’t take a minute.

Time to rock-n-roll! I got this.

Need to chat with my critique partner. Just one question. My we have a lot to catch up on.

Let’s see what everyone is doing. Just one quick look.

Time to make the magic happen!

WTF did I write that for? Editing, editing, and more editing.

Maybe I need a little adaptation research.

She didn’t post that picture! On no.

Happy hour! It’s five o’clock somewhere. Tomorrow is another day. Cheers!

Hope you this brought a little fun…

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