Monday Funnies…


31 thoughts on “Monday Funnies…

  1. Well, I’m just going to tell you. I did not ever find the article. I clicked the UrRL. I went through the entire page. I saw where it said Monday Funnies, and that it was posted and the advertisements, saw all the names of the ones that liked and the comments, but never the article. That’s been the case now three times that I’ve tried to read your blog. I don’t know what you’ve changed but your blog is becoming impossible for me to navigate w


  2. “Wait, have I said that aloud?” … It’s time to start worrying, it seems …
    And do I not just know that about going out to buy a few groceries for some nice meals I have been looking up the recipes for – and then finding something quick to eat? *sigh* the person behind Auntie spies on my life …

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