Are Slow Writers Doomed to Fail in the Digital Age?

by Anne R. Allen

I first blogged about the plight of slow writers back in 2014, at the height of the indie publishing boom. All the indie superstar gurus were telling writers to grind out ebooks as fast as they could type to take advantage of the “Kindle Gold Rush”.

Three years later, the Kindle Gold Rush is history, but there’s even more pressure to write fast–not only for authors who self-publish, but for traditionally published authors as well.

The New York Times reported recently: “The practice of spacing an author’s books at least one year apart is gradually being discarded as publishers appeal to the same “must-know-now” impulse that drives binge viewing.”

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11 thoughts on “Are Slow Writers Doomed to Fail in the Digital Age?

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  2. Jeez, I hope slow writers aren’t doomed, for that is exactly what I am. I cannot, by any means, crank out 5000 or 6000 words a day, every day, and still keep up with emails and social media “responsibilities.” I have also found that I lack the ability to rush through a first draft, heedless of any and all mistakes. Those little red squiggly lines drive me crazy.

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