WADDYAMEAN You can’t be bothered to send blog posts to Sue?

The authors contributing posts to my blog are ecstatic about the responses and interactions they’re getting from my blog followers, as well as the distribution and sharing to other media.

Sue’s blog has even more followers than mine does, so consider the possibilities folks, get your creative hats on and get those posts over to Sue NOW before it’s too late!!!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

At five o’clock the table’s laid,
The kettle’s boiled,
The scones are made.
The china’s polished, silver gleams
All ready for a guest it seems…

Yet here I sit,
I’m all alone,
The inbox empty,
Silent phone…

Will no-one send a new guest post?
I’m not a very scary host.
I’ll always try to do my best
So why not come and be my guest?

Free promotion for writers, artists, bloggers, poets and photographers.


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7 thoughts on “Invitation

  1. Sorry Chris, I had to stop giving away pieces of my mind. I was running out of them and now are down to only one or two functioning mind parts. 🙂 I do hope more people will guest on Sue’s page. Hugs

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