Do you need help with your latest writing project?

Thanks Jean, for introducing links to 18 great articles for writers 👍😃

Jean's Writing

Search no further!

I’ve found a site that might have just what you’re looking for. 

Check out the following website that contains 18 tips, and PDF documents on topics related to writing fiction.

Write a Novel, a resource created by Crawford Kilianstarts off with hard truths for writers but don’t be discouraged, there is something for every writer. He even touches on understanding contracts.

My favorites:

  • #4. Storyboarding.
    • Storyboarding is something I struggle with. Putting my scenes onto small cards is a big challenge.
  • #5. Style Checklist
    • Question asked, “Are you telegraphing your punches.” Now, this really got me to thinking. And anything that challenges me is great.
  • #7. Ten points plots
    • The plot begins long before the story starts. The story begins at the latest possible moment before the climax. Gonna have to work on my beginning, again.
  • #9. Scene construction.
    • When a scene ends the reader should know more…

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