13 thoughts on “THURSDAY GIGGLES 

  1. Spiders … those little buggers … what is worse than a spider in your bedroom? A spider that you could see in your bedroom when you decided to get some kitchen towel to get rid of it – and then gone when you return …

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  2. I don’t like spiders much either. We get huge rain spiders in our house occasionally and the one evening I was walking down the passage in the dark and I stood on one – it went crunch and I have never gotten over it.

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  3. OMG, this is so me! The ONE thing in life I don’t deal with well. Thankfully, Mark will catch them and put them outside. Except when he doesn’t, but says he did, so I won’t walk around looking for it all night long. Give me snakes any day! Keep the hairy-legged spiders outside where they belong. (I make no promises when Mark isn’t here, and one of them has crossed to the dark side, and come into my house.)

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