When is the best time to use contractions?

Answers to Jean, in the comments under her original post 

Jean's Writing

Okay, first things first. If you’ve read any of my post you know…

I’m no expert. 


But recently a fellow writer Jena C. Henry, be sure and hop over and check out her blog, posed a question.

When is the best time to use contractions? 


I, in turn, agreed to toss the question out to my readers.

However, as this is my blog, here are my thoughts.

No rule says we mustuse contractions. I don’t want my writing to sound as if I’ve got a stick up my ass. Unless of course one of my characters is actually walking around with a stick, well you know.  To me, writing with contractions makes the story and dialog sound less stilted and more inviting.

However, I don’t think a contraction is warranted in every instant. In other words, I believe this is just one of the many tools in…

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3 thoughts on “When is the best time to use contractions?

  1. Yes, best to write as we speak or it can sound stilted. But to not contract can define a character or add emphasis.
    Think John McEnroe’s famous line: “You cannot be serious”.

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