Find the owls!

bluebird of bitterness

There is at least one owl in each of these photographs, although some are easier to spot than others. See how many you can find. (If you need a little help with some of them, each picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.)

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10 thoughts on “Find the owls!

  1. These are awesome! I have only ever seen an owl, in person, once. It was sitting in a tree in my friend’s yard. I was trying to talk to it, hoping it would talk back when my friend grabbed me by the arm. “Leave that owl alone! He’s mean and I don’t want to have to deal with him once you go home!” Never did find out what she meant by that. I thought he was magnificent. He would have liked me, had she given us the chance. ❤

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  2. I love owls (and hedgehogs and red squirrels). As a dyslexic I find it hard to read small print on the screen but it doesn’t affect spotting shapes – though I admit I only saw the foot of one to start with. Thanks for sharing.

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