Facebook–Profiles vs. Pages

Cathleen Townsend

facebook sunglassesIf you’ve opened a Facebook account, what you’ve got is a profile. One of the first things to consider is if you wish to add a page or even pages as well.

If you’re already overwhelmed about adding Facebook to your social media basket, and you don’t have an existing personal Facebook account that you wish to keep separate, Teymour Shahabi recommends just using your profile (http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2015/how-to-best-use-facebook-as-an-author/). Facebook expert Lisa Hall-Wilson also uses only a personal profile. She points out that a profile is best used to make connections and build a tribe (http://jamigold.com/2013/03/facebook-should-we-use-a-profile-or-a-page/).

That’s because you need a profile to like people and Facebook posts. I wish I’d known this at the beginning. A social media consultant walked me through setting up an author page, and I tried to use it to like and follow other Facebook accounts. I couldn’t do it. That’s something that…

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  1. Isn’t this WordPress the same? You have to follow and like and read and socialize with other authors to get your work read, liked, commented, followed, socialized. Having a Facebook account, makes an author present in the readers life. Everything he/she posts, it will momentarily show in readers profile. Facebook and Twitter are very useful in massing tribe. Just make a profile and start liking people, study what the reading mass wants and provide them something to read. It’s that easy.

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