Doing so well too right up until the last half-inch

In case you wondered what author Ian Hutson gets up to when he’s not authoring or blogging – He challenges the Furies (or is that Furries?) of Nature. 😱🙀

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.

21032017 We saw none of these green, blue, red and yellow balloons while travelling. I suspect that Google is telling porky-pies in re these landmarks, landmarks which, had they existed, might have been useful to me in my navigations. Naughty Google.

I am speaking to you today from the bridge of H.M.S. Cardinal Wolsey, still heavily under the influence of coffee, curry and something the paramedics called “Industrial Valium”. A couple of nights ago, while the enemy was sleeping and wholly unawares (that is to say, at about ten o’clock in the morning), we slipped our moorings and made our way out into the mountainous waves and howling winds of the canal. I am pleased to report to you, the peoples of England, and indeed the peoples of the world, that due in no small part to the fortitude, bravery and sheer dumb luck of those serving aboard, the Cardinal, and…

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2 thoughts on “Doing so well too right up until the last half-inch

  1. Many thanks for re-blogging, sir, it is much appreciated! The Cardinal and I are enjoying a few days lazing around for the moment, with a visit to the nearby “secret” The Secret Nuclear Bunker on the cards. Literally, an old Cold-War bunker now open to H.M. Public. Sounds fun… 😉

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