Archive Adventure: ‘Tales from Catland’

Thanks to Kristen for posting this – I’m off to have a read now 👍😃

Kristen Twardowski

Tales from Catland by an Old Tabby.jpgPeriodically I like to share the strange, fascinating, and often rare books that live in library archives. Today I’ve found one that will make you absolutely purr with pleasure.

Tales from Catland: Written for Kittens by an Old Tabby was produced by Tabitha Grimalkin and was, as far as I can tell, originally published in 1852. The cover shown here with its enrobed (and enthroned) tabby comes from the fifth edition of the book, published in 1865. As the subtitle and its “little kittens” indicates, the book features a collection of children’s stories. These include “The Three Cats”, “The Discontented Cat”, and “The Wishing Day”. The stories are very much of their time and include faeries, buttered crumpets, and cats with names like Glumdalkin and Friskarina. (I am shattered that those names went out of style.)

If you are interested in reading more from Catland, the full text is available in…

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