Meet Guest Author Donna O’Ferrall…

d-l-oferrallI wrote my books because my love of music sparked my imagination and I found the characters that I had in my mind would become vibrant when listening to music. I would write down descriptions, ages, dates and an intro and it went from there really. I listened to each music track and wrote down everything I imagined and found that I could weave the music into the storylines. I wasn’t sure if it would work to start with but then I free flow write, so I added poetry and fictional lyrics and found that thankfully the stories flowed together along with the music.

Then, having written my first book, I had some reviews back and they were very encouraging, saying that I should write a volume two. And so I agreed and set to work on this. I then put a tweet on twitter and asked if anyone would like to edit my second book and thankfully the very talented and professional editor/publisher Leesa Wallace stepped forward and said she could help me. I was so grateful for this opportunity as we worked together on volume two and then Graeme from Kensington Gore Publishing designed my beautiful new book cover for volume one. Leesa and I decided to update volume one and I wrote in some new characters and storylines. Both volume one and two of The Troubles With Hope will be traditionally published with Leesa at Wallace Publishing and I am over the moon about this.

My hobbies are music, art, poetry, and travelling around England with my son. I live in Kent with my two children and our pets. Life is certainly eventful but there is never a dull moment. I would describe myself as fairly eccentric when I am with my close family and friends that have known me a lot of years, but other times I can be introverted and can just want to be at home with my children and creature comforts. You won’t catch me out clubbing or pubbing these days, I haven’t got the energy, but I do love going to the cinema and going out for quiet drinks. I also enjoy going to concerts and shows, as well as reading books and of course, writing.

I love to write and have done ever since I was around the age of seven. I turned to writing as my solace in life during a time when I was bullied in school and wanted to escape. I am currently writing a two part series about World War Two but I am weaving in poetry, fictional lyrics and music and very much enjoying writing this. It makes me happy when my readers say to me, “I found your books entertaining,” and they appreciate me as an Author. Being respected for your art is amazing and I am very much enjoying my journey with my writing and it’s great to carry on with my love of music too.

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25 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Donna O’Ferrall…

  1. I’m fascinated, Donna. When I was in high school, I started writing a piece of fiction centered around music and songs. I put it down for a while as I prepared to move away to go to college, and somehow lost it in the move. It’s thrilling to see this approach works successfully. Kudos! Best of luck to you with your writing 🙂

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