Merry March Monday Memes

Melinda helps keep the Monday Moaning Blues away with some laughs 👍😄


Hey, here we are in March, on a Monday, being merry, (hopefully!) enjoying our memes!

slob, humor, crafting memePretty much every day, at my house!!

slob, humor, memeslob, humor, shaving memeExcuse the mess.….

slob, humor, housework memeRight,Gilly??

slob, humor, crochet memeIs this one you,Stella?

slob, humor, killer children memeMuwahahaha!

slob, humor, Grandma memePuhlllllleeeeeeeeezzzzzeeee???

slob, humor, decluttering memeHey, me too!!

slob, humor, misspelled meme

slob, humor, dad says no memeApparently this is good parenting.       Glad I’m my own boss now!!

Ice cream bars for all, I say!!

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11 thoughts on “Merry March Monday Memes

  1. Just call me Tabby. The first thing I do when I log on is open my website and all of my pages. The tabs are critical because sharing is critical followed by ‘liking’ what you shared, right? Be careful how you answer this, Chris; I could go Linda Blair on you LOLOL 🙂

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