Ruminate on this: Long-Leggety Chaos in the Classroom

Ali gives a little background (and a preview opportunity) on LONG LEGGETY BEASTIES, based on her early years of teaching 👍😃

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

Ruminate on this, Brethren and Sistren!

Although my comic school-based novel ‘Long-Leggety Beasties‘ is predominantly outrageous, exaggerated and funny, I did, I now realise, write an honest, realistic and easy-to-relate-to portrait of my own early struggles to control classes – and, taking the broader view, that experienced by thousands upon thousands of young (and not-so-young) teachers.

The teething problems I am experiencing as a supply teacher have reminded me, at times forcibly, of the anxiety, fear and sense of failure which was such a strong part of that first five years in the job. I am very glad, in retrospect, that I wrote about that part of the whole because it was a sharp reminder that my, at the time, very good discipline had been hard won and that I could never take it for granted. Prescient! Very! Humbling too: A great reminder that behind every moderately good…

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