…it’s been a heck of a trip, Mabel…

How it all started for my good friend Seumas away back in May 23rd, 2012 (at 9.11 PM Abu Dhabi Local time) – and he hasn’t stopped bletherin’ since (communicating, for the non-Scots among us) 👍😃

Seumas Gallacher


…just under five years ago, this ol’ Jurassic scribbler posted his first ever blog post… as part of my author ‘outreach’and ‘building the platform’of followers and connections, it was a key event in the development of my SOSYAL NETWURK activity… for any writer in this modern age of e-communcation I highly recommend being involved on a regular basis in getting yerselves and yer WURK on to yer own links of choice… y’see, this blog automatically connects to my accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pocket, Google+ and any others I choose to indulge… net result is a DIRECT reach to more than 30,000 pairs of eyes… just for fun, I had a wee look at that initial post, dated MAY 23, 2012, and share it with yeez here:

MAY 23, 2012 · 9:11 PM

…I am an endangered species, trying to make…

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