Becoming a Writer in Your 40s, 50s, and Beyond

A Writer's Path

hands elderly

by Lauren Sapala

Age can be a touchy topic for artists of all types. There’s a glamorous myth that says all the geniuses come into their talent at a young age, and by the time they’re 30 they have already reached astonishing heights of prowess.

But like so many other sexy tales that figure into writing mythology, this one has little basis in fact.

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  1. This was an interesting post, Chris (as I mentioned on Lauren’s site). She mentioned becoming a writer in one’s 40s or 50s. I turn 50 next week, so I guess that puts me right in the sweet spot. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing this one, Chris! I knew at age 5 I wanted to be a writer, but my parents had other ideas. It took me 64 years to get back to the one thing I knew I was supposed to be doing, and I published my first novel at 69. I’ll be 73 in a couple of weeks, and am editing novel #6, very happy to be making up for lost time. No, I’ll never make it to the NY Times best seller list, but that’s okay with me. I’m telling my stories, and there are people who are enjoying them, and that’s all I ever wanted. And my advice to all those wannabe writers out there? Never, EVER give up that dream! 🙂

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      • Because Swamp Ghosts is set here in central Florida, it has begun to develop a very nice local readership, and I am frequently invited to book clubs, libraries, museums, and other venues in the area to give presentations, do readings, etc. I always, ALWAYS make a point of telling the group how old I was when I started this new journey, and how a dream deferred so easily becomes an opportunity lost forever. No matter what it is, if it’s in your heart and you’ve always longed to do it, what are you waiting for? (Tick-tock, tick-tock.) Go for it, while you still can, and mostly, everyone still can, if they choose to do so. That’s my story, an’ I’m stickin’ to it! 😀

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