A list of 1 insane things to do on a boat

If video remains black when play button is activated, it means the ISS is in the ‘night’ side of Earth, check the ISS location map under it to see when it comes back to the ‘day’ side 👍😃

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.


  1. Sit with a laptop on your knees and watch a live-feed of video of the planet Earth, streamed directly from the International Space Station.

That’s it.

As I inferred with the “1” in the title of this blog post, it’s a one-item list.

I have been sat sittting sittingly on my boat, bobbing up and down on water (as a lot of boats do) and looking back at Earth twirling around in space. Is that deliciously insane, or what?

You can sit somewhere else and watch the same show. I would say at this point – do give the video feed a chance; sometimes it’s off for a few seconds (probably as aliens fly by) and sometimes they change cameras (as aliens fly past in the other direction). Sometimes, about fifteen times a day, the ruddy ISS is just on the “dark side” of the planet, but it works, it…

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