Types of Advanced Civilizations – Infographic…

Source: Futurism



6 thoughts on “Types of Advanced Civilizations – Infographic…

  1. Absolutely intriguing and utterly depressing! We humans are the slug civilization. But I still hold out hope for our advancement. All we have to do is get our finger off the nuclear button, forgo fossil fuels, and move toward sustainability. Seems simple to me! The biggest, and perhaps only obstacle to this is greed. I love to fantasize about what our civilization would look like if money were worthless… 🙂

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  2. In a sense, it is quite exciting being one the “primitives”! If there are any future humans – and I think it’s a close-run thing yea or nay – they will probably wonder how we managed on a daily basis in such a lack of civilisation and development!

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