Rumors of the Demise of Books Greatly Exaggerated…

by Art Swift and Steve Ander on Gallup Site:



35% say they read more than 11 books in the past year
53% of young adults read between one and 10 books in the past year
73% prefer printed books to e-readers or audio books

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Despite the abundance of digital diversions vying for their time and attention, most Americans are still reading books. In fact, they are consuming books at nearly the same rate that they were when Gallup last asked this question in 2002 — before smartphones, Facebook or Twitter became ubiquitous.

More than one in three (35%) appear to be heavy readers, reading 11 or more books in the past year, while close to half (48%) read between one and 10 and just 16% read none.

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11 thoughts on “Rumors of the Demise of Books Greatly Exaggerated…

  1. More than ten books* a year and you are already a heavy reader? Wow, just wow … most readers I know finish at least one book a month, most month several. I myself have listed (for me new) books I read since 2009 – and though the numbers have strongly declined from 2o10, where I read 43, even in weak years I manage to read over 10, easily. A book a month (on average) is not a challenge.
    This year I have already read 8 books (6 for a reading challenge).
    *reading time 2 hours plus

    Since a lot of people have long commuting journeys these days they might switch to e-readers as for commuting those are ideal. But at home most people I know (but then I am not a digital native) still prefer a real paper book – and even when using my bus and tram to and from work I meet a lot of analogue book readers. Just one of my friends has switched to e-books only.

    When travelling to work last week I found the perfect book to give to my cousin … for her upcoming birthday. That is why authors should think twice to publish e-book only. I would not have been alerted to that book if it had not been a paper-book.

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