A little blog sitting requested – February 21st – 28th – Part-time position

Your articles needed in with Sally

by Friday 17th of February…!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life


This is a picture of my mother and my two sisters, Sonia, Diana and then me on the end. This was taken seventeen years ago when we had just finished renovating our Madrid house and I was still commuting back and forth between Ireland and Spain.

I  had met up with the three of them at Gatwick and then we flew to Madrid where David had us picked up in a limo to take us out to the house. The weather was stunning and one of the trips was again by limo into Madrid with David this time. We visited the palace and because we fell out of the limo to do the tour we got captured on camera by about 100 Japanese tourists who were expecting something a little more regal.

We finished up with lunch in the garden of the Ritz hotel which crowned a memorable morning. We…

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One thought on “A little blog sitting requested – February 21st – 28th – Part-time position

  1. Nice to see a post with people enjoying life and their part in it. I like to see happy people experiencing life to the fullest they can. Rich or poor, healthy or disabled and suffering, life has something we all can take part in and enjoy. Discover it, and then use the heck out of it I say. If it brings happiness to you, and doesn’t cause any harm, live it to the max. Hugs

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