Why So Angry, Hero?


Legends of Windemere

Red from Angry Birds Red from Angry Birds

I like writing angry characters.  Something about having a hero unleash their rage makes me put a lot more into a scene.  Yeah, I’m probably angry a lot myself, which is why I connect to this emotion more than others.  Then again, a lot can happen when somebody loses their temper.  They can make a mistake or defeat an obstacle.  Anger isn’t always a bad thing as long as you use it correctly.  I mean, it isn’t too far off from stubborn defiance and determination.

An angry hero isn’t very unusual because this tends to be the mode that most anti-heroes fall into.  Hulk, Punisher, Wolverine, Guy Gardner, Red (above), and so many others take their strength from losing their cool.  This makes it difficult for them to work within groups unless they’re the leaders or the dynamic is designed to accommodate them.  It really is…

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