A Fantasy Tip From History: Medieval Spam


Nicholas C. Rossis

The first thing that visitors of my blog will see is a banner advertising my latest releases and offers. I also advertise within my books themselves. You know, a simple, “If you liked this book, you may also enjoy the rest of this series, now available on Amazon” and a link. Finally, I promote my books by placing ads on various websites and social media.

Typical modern marketing, you say? And yet, I recently discovered that all of these marketing techniques have been around at least since the Middle Ages, as seen in a post by Erik Kwakkel of Leiden University.

Window Displays

As Kwakel explains, the most common surviving book advertisement from medieval times is the so-called ‘advertisement sheet’ from medieval writing masters. Individuals who could write had a valuable gift, both intellectually and financially: they were able to duplicate any piece of writing, from short letters…

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