Step Into My Office (Or, Where I Write)

Soooo where’s YOUR favourite writing place? 😎

Kate M. Colby

where-i-writeAs a reader, I love learning more about how my favorite books were written. Fun facts like how J.K. Rowling wrote the initial idea for Harry Potteron a napkin, or how Ernest Hemingway only wrote while standing (in a pair of oversized loafers, to be precise) always intrigue me.

I’ve shared by original inspiration for the Desertera series before (you can read about it here), but I realized I rarely talk about how or where I write. Admittedly, my “office” isn’t glamorous, but it’s gotten the job done twice now (14 times if you count my nonfiction projects).

My office spaceSome writers swear by the coffee shop – the white noise, the social pressure to look busy, the caffeine! – while others can’t imagine writing in public. I used to be in the second group. In fact, when given the option, I’ll always choose to write in the…

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9 thoughts on “Step Into My Office (Or, Where I Write)

  1. The loft off our living room! It has two sunny windows that look out onto tree tops – I can open them and listen to the birds. Add a cup of coffee and a cushion on my computer chair and I’m set to go!

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  2. For me it is like home, home is where the heart is, my space to write is where my heart is comfortable. So that could be anywhere. But I admit I am most comfortable in my home office. Hugs

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      • That is what counts, being comfy. When I first was unable to work my big desk and two computers were set up in the bedroom with everything else I needed so it would be close. As I got stronger the boys moved a few walls in the house and built me an office with my desk, a TV , my wax making table and supplies, and wall shelves. I also have room for two chairs ,plus my wheelchair at the desk, and a window with my own A/C unit for comfort. The only thing is I have to share it with the two cats who think they own spots on my desk. I tell them they are renting and the rent is due, they claim to not speak the language. 🙂 Giggle, giggle. Hugs

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  3. Mine’s in the kitchen. The table faces the window, view outside is of the garden. I get to see birds flitting in and out of the space outside. Blackbirds are frequent visitors, as is a little Robin. I see all seasons in their glory. It’s a good place to think, not think and daydream. 😏

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