A waddle from Venetian Marina to Barbridge Junction (and back)

Learn all about nudging* the bank, reversing a touch**, how to respectfully prepare vegetables, plus many other interesting things 👍

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.

mappamondaywalk As the crow staggers it is maybe a couple of miles each way on the towpath.

Aye, well.

There’s nowt like a nice, bright, sunny, freezing, frosty winter’s day for a walk.

So I walked.

Ee, there were nowt like it.

I saw two people and two goosings.

Barbridge Junction is the site of some shame to me. I’ve been through it afloat just four times. On one occasion two other boats and I had a “Timothy West” moment, a coming together of hearts, minds and gunwales. On another occasion I met traffic exactly where traffic ought not to be met, we both did the terribly English “after you, no – after you, sir…” thing, both lost sufficient headway to steer and I ended up nudging* the bank and having to reverse a touch** to get the Cardinal around the bend and under the bridge. I have no…

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