The Pro Bono Marketing Staff Every Self-Published Author Has at Their Fingertips

By Eva Lesko Natiello img_8586 on The Book Designer Site:

In today’s article, written by Eva Lesko Natiello (@EvaNatiello), indie authors are reminded of the importance of the decisions we make publishing our books. Enjoy, and be sure to comment below if you can think of other “staff” available to help self-published authors market their books.


Yesterday an author contacted me to arrange a marketing consultation. He told me he was disappointed with his marketing team. He liked what he saw I’d done with my book, and thought my team was doing a much better job. He was different than the other authors I’ve worked with—this author was traditionally published.

Here’s another example of “the grass is always greener…” We indie authors think the traditionally published benefit from something we don’t: a roster of professionals that comprise:

a sales team
a marketing team
and a P.R. team

But, if truth be told, many traditional authors are increasingly underwhelmed by what this roster is able to accomplish on their book’s behalf.

I’d like to tell you, barring your ability to hire a professional marketing consultant, every self-published author out there still has a powerful, results-driven, hard-working “staff” at their fingertips. This staff:

works pro bono
is positioned to work overtime, weekends, and holidays
doesn’t take coffee breaks, roll its eyes or call in sick

There are many tiers to marketing and endless opportunities. But when you’re just starting out and still struggling to recoup publishing expenses, know that you already have a robust sales, marketing and PR staff in place. The key is to recognize these players as uniquely yours. Rely on them. Leverage them. And think hard about maximizing what they can do for you. They will help you sell books even while you’re eating lunch, sleeping, and on vacation (hey, one can dream!). Say hello to your staff:

Find out more at the following link:

Your Sales Team


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