Meet Guest Author Mark Simmons…

mark-simmonsIt is a loaded question to be asked why you write. For the answer will differ from one author to the next. But it is a question that I am happy to answer.

There are a number of reasons.

The solitude of writing can be a very soothing act for me. I have always been a person who is comfortable with my own company. I suppose all writers must have the same feelings in some shape or form.

Inventing a universe and everything in it is also a thrilling experience. Not just the characters and locations, but the clothing that each individual is wearing and even the contents of a room. Environment, lighting, temperature can all help add to the mood of a piece.

But for me, mainly it is the escapism of stepping into a world that I have created, and intertwining the lives of the characters within said domain.

The journey that took me towards being a published author I believe was not like most out there. For it is not a tale of countless submissions and endless rejection letters. It was the second publisher I had submitted to that accepted and chose to publish my work. I have social media to thank for this opportunity. Had it not been for Twitter I would never have found my publisher’s submissions page and would not be where I am today.

Outside of writing I like to fill my time in a number of different ways.

At home the kitchen is my realm and I find some of my best ideas come to me whilst preparing a meal.

Music is can always be heard in the halls of Casa Simmons and it can also be a very handy tool for inspiring new concepts for the page.

All good writers should spend time exploring the work of their peers and I am no exception. Literature has played a part in my life for as long as I have been writing and I can see no reason for it to stop any time soon.

You have keep active in life in order for your thoughts to stay active, so my method of exercise is to chase an air filled piece of leather around a field and kick said object occasionally. Sometimes with varying levels of success.

But most of all I enjoy the time I spend with my friends and my family. But most importantly the moments I get to share with my wife.


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