Swan #writephoto – The marzipan witch and the golden swans

A great example of utilising diverse talents to obtain an objective 👍😃
In this case Robbie combined baking, model making, photography, poetry and blogging ❤


Robbie's inspiration

This story is written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt https://scvincent.com/2017/01/12/thursday-photo-prompt-swan-writephoto/.

How do a marzipan witch, a grey fondant cat, a melancholy peacock and golden swans fit together? Well, read on to find out.

The marzipan witch and the golden swans

In Chocolate land, there lives a marzipan witch;

She lives under a hedge in a chocolate mud ditch;

Her housekeeper is her grey, fondant cat;

Who keeps their home tidy and sweeps the mat.


This pair are always busy and do lots of kind deeds;

They help the squirrels collect their winter seeds;

They tend the bluebells that grow wild in the wood;

And encourage them to grow where they should.

The marzipan witch knows an amazing spell;

That she keeps to herself, and others won’t tell;

With it, she can assist any creature, bad or good;

That is lonely and sad and feels misunderstood.

The spell overcomes obstacles…

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