How Authors Often Work – Meme…



11 thoughts on “How Authors Often Work – Meme…

  1. This meme is pretty much true for me. When I attended university, all of my papers were written the night before. I actually never had any problem getting them done, however, because the topic had been at the back of my mind as I read other things, attended other courses, etc. When the time came to write, I knew exactly which books to pull from my shelves for quotes, statistics, and ideas. HOWEVER, without a formal assignment and deadline, it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed with ideas, put off the actual writing, and tell myself I’m letting ideas “percolate”. When I attempt to type, my first draft is often so far from what I imagined that I get discouraged, so I often put off writing to do “further research”. Thanks for the laugh and the reminder to TYPE. Lol.

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