Monday Funnies…



37 thoughts on “Monday Funnies…

  1. Such typical cat behavior! Two of those cats look exactly like ones we have (had). Elijah, the current ruler of the household, has two lovely soft places to sleep but he prefers to occupy the middle of the dog bed!

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  2. I don’t know why cats shun their comfy beds for boxes, but I know why in the first picture the cat is curled up in the dustpan – it’s on the dryer, and the dryer is warm, while the bed is on the washer and it’s not running! But my actual favorite is the cat perched on top of the teepee! Wonder how he got up there?

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  3. Anyone who knows me; even virtually, knows catsies are not my thing. But Even I chuckled at yoga cat and I’m too precious to have sun on my head cat and as for I want to be a roughty toughty roofer cat well I snaughled at that. *scratches chin* maybe I’m weakening…

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