Interviewing for the Fiction Writer

Great advice and tips from author G G Collins 😀

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So You Have to do an Interview!

By G G Collins          (Copyright 2017)

Nonfiction writers are accustomed to conducting interviews, but what about the fiction writer? It’s fiction; don’t I just make it up? Some writers may be able to, but the vast majority of us will have to do some research, including the dreaded interview.

Here’s how.

The Interview: Who You Gonna Call?

By Cogiati (own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons By Cogiati (own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons Maybe you need location information. Yes, you can Google photos and descriptions, but what if you need specific information about a festival for a scene in your book? How is a rescue performed in a national park? What’s the background on a historical event that occurred in the 1940s? Is there seismic activity in the locale you’re using? I’ve answered all these questions for my books by doing interviews: some in person, others via…

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  1. Thanks for this hands on article.
    As a fiction writer I’ve found interviews an exciting medium in which to turn my desire for publication into a reality. As part of a former business I had the fun time of writing and voicing my own radio commercials for part of five years. I learned how to speak up and clearly, get a point across within 30 seconds, and had fun doing so.
    I encourage my fellow writers to ‘get out there’, visit a radio station, write up an ad for your book, do your own voicing, and etc. As you do so, you’ll find that the mic isn’t a monster, you can always do a retake, and you’ll be so much more comfortable at you described in the interview article above. Thanks for approaching this subject.
    Author Terry palmer

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