The Exclamation Mark! – Infographic…


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13 thoughts on “The Exclamation Mark! – Infographic…

      • You’re allowed the occasional slip-up, but just don’t let it happen again! 😉

        Not so much that it’s bad, but unnecessary. The sentence is either a question or an exclamation. If you wish to emphasize a question then follow that sentence with an exclamatory one, like “Wow!” Also, more than one exclamation mark used at a time is a no-no. We’re talking about formal, creative and literary writing here, though. So, in a message such as this or a Facebook status update, exclaim away!!!!! We won’t be counting.

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      • You know that if you ask 10 editors to edit the same piece you’ll come up with 10 different edits. It’s possible that this point I’m making about not combining marks may not be taught to everyone, but it was certainly something I’ve taken to heart from my own education, because I too admit to having made the same mistakes in the past. Mea culpa … 😉

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