Think about it 

Anyone care to write a story using this interesting idea? 👍😃
If you do, please give credit to author Mary Beth Robb (aka Elfkat) for the prompt 😃

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

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8 thoughts on “Think about it 

  1. Give by best to Mary Beth Rob, (ELFKAT), for thinking up this prompt. Here is a first chapter with plenty of leads which need further applications. I COULD do a chapter two and so on as another short, but then, how about you?

    None Dare Tread
    Ish – na – wolde of Naye scraped the ground again around the fractured boulder. The reddish clay form of soil fell away from the short stick as he applied it again and again.
    Ab –roth – too of Gree giggled as was her nature. She watched as Ish dug a small trench on this side of the cold stone. “We’ll be here all afternoon if that’s all you wanted to show me.”
    Ish squinted back at her and shook his head. “No, no. It’s not the dirt. Watch now. You need to be quick.”
    Ab smiled as Ish’ freckled face concentrated on his job. You’re so unlike you family… You’re at least nice to me.
    Ish slowed down as he reached his hand into the small trench and carefully pulled away the loose soil. He held his stick up again, nodded to Ab, and whispered. “Shhh. Watch now. See if you can see them too.”
    Ab let her eyes leave his sensitive eyes and looked where he pointed. She held her breath as if that might help.
    In three quick scrapes, he laid more soil away to reveal a mass of soft root like fibers. He looked over to her and pointed down toward the soft roots. One word formed on his silent lips. Watch.
    He dug into his pocket for an old strip of meat and fat from some previous dinner and laid it directly onto the mass of roots. Both watched as ever so slowly, the roots began to move. Ab sucked up a breath to his annoyance.
    The roots held still at her slight noise. She frowned at spoiling the show but snuggled her shoulder next to him for a better and quieter view.
    As they waited, the roots started a slow display. Small tendrils played alongside of the piece. These miniature cords reached up and over the piece so slowly that if you blinked or looked away for a bit, you missed another sixteenth inch of growth.
    Ab felt Ish tremble around her shoulder. He mouthed two more words to her and nodded again toward the scratched dirt. Watch this.
    This time Ab joined him in fascination. As they watched, barely willing to catch a shallow breath or move a muscle, more soft roots gathered around the piece of meat. As if in a small drama, the roots sent even smaller lines into and through the scab of meat. Other roots made indentations across the top of the piece as if they pulled small threads tight across a package. Flat bladed roots seemed to move dirt away from underneath.
    Ab’ eyes watered a bit from her concentration. Am I really seeing this? Are these roots doing what I think they are?
    She startled as he pulled back from the edge of the scratched dirt. His move pushed at her shoulder and some grains of sand rolled down the edge of the hole. The roots froze at the motion so she pulled away too and sat up next to him. “Did I just see what I think?”
    Ish grinned as he flexed first one leg, then the next. “Whew, kind of stiff.”
    She waited for him out of a new respect.
    He finally pointed at the shallow scrape and then into the woods beyond. “What else did you notice about the roots?”
    Her smile froze as she went over the experience in her mind. After a bit she shook her head and lifted an empty hand to him. “No, um… What?” She blushed a bit at the way he stared at her.
    “You didn’t see it.”
    Her face fell at his expression. He got up on his hands and knees and pulled the nearest bush back and away at the roots. As he kicked at the base of the plant he gestured to her. “See this and this?’
    She swallowed hard in concentration but gave him a puzzled look. “I guess I’m not sure what you’re showing me. It’s just tough grey roots like all of the shrubs, I suppose…” Her voice trailed off as a light snapped in her head. “Wait. I know. Those fuzzy little roots were a soft yellow. Some were light green. Is that it?”
    His eyes snapped at her in answer. “That’s it. No trees or shrubs in this area are like that.” He put his face next to hers and whispered. “I’ve seen them before. It’s like… Nah. You’ll think I’m crazy, or worse, like one of my uncles.”
    She shook her head. “Look. I know the story of your uncles and all but… Hey I know what I saw… I think. But anyway, you’re way smarter than your family. I can see that.”
    Ish – na – wolde of Naye stood up a mite straight at her statement. “You think so? It’s taken three generations to get past what my uncles of Naye did.”
    Ab pointed back at the spot by the boulder. “You figured that out. I wanna know how!”
    Ish looked at her and then away. He kicked at a few lose leaves on the floor of the glade. Dunno.”
    Ab stretched her petite frame and moved around to see his face. “Dunno what? Come on. This is really cool, ya know. “I don’t know much about roots and all, but I know that I’ve never seen or heard about roots like this. Come on. What is it?”
    Ish looked at her again as he considered. “You won’t tell anyone?”
    She reached her arm over in reverse around his as she locked her hand down around his elbow. He automatically locked his hand up and around her elbow in return gesture. “Locked.”
    She swallowed hard at the childhood memories this lock meant to both of them. “Locked, just like we did in all of those silly games.” She moved her face close to his so that their lips almost touched and their eyes looked deep into the others. “Cept, this is serious an…”
    All grin left his face as he became caught up in the depth of the look in her eyes and the light fragrance that came with her closeness. Instead of answering he nodded in quick release and stumbled back a step, suddenly anxious to break the spell. Wow, what was that all about?
    He stumbled again on the edge of a root as he half turned away and moved toward the opening in the glade.
    Ab wondered before following him. Wow, what was that all about?
    His retreat led them both out of the small wooded glen and into a windswept field. She turned back as he did and waited. He moved his arm up as if to point but hesitated again. “Right about here is where I first saw it happen.”
    She rolled her eyes in a deliberate attempt to fracture his mood. “Are we gonna do this again? What? What am I going to see?” Her impatience grated on him. “Sure you won’t tell?”
    She didn’t answer but held her tongue as she pivoted around to look for something… But what? What is it about you that holds me like this?
    Again, instead of answering he picked up a stone about as big as his hand and threw it toward the woods. She knew what it was as soon as he did. Her legs quivered more than she wanted to admit as she grabbed his hand in a tight squeeze. “The tree tops moved. I never noticed it before.”
    He grinned from ear to ear. “That’s it, sure ‘nough. Not the tree tops though. Just the top group of vertical leaves. Sort of like listening ears or something. I call them sentinel leaves.”
    She closed her mouth which had opened of its own as she stood in newfound awe at what they knew. She grabbed his hand as if to point back into the glen. “What else do you know?” Her toes flexed and wanted to help her jump up and down in her excitement.
    He pointed back toward the bushes. “Remember the color of the roots?”
    She nodded back as she looked into his eyes with a new wonder. “What?”
    “None of the trees or bushes have roots like that. Those roots… Those roots…” He turned away as if were too much to share. She pulled him back, still holding his hand. “Yeah. I get it. Those roots.”
    Instead of answering right away, he pulled her along back toward the partially shaded glade. “Okay, here it is. I found out all of things a few weeks ago while hunting rabbits. I mean. I’m not a good hunter, maybe set a trap here and there. But what I found, man…” He kicked the grass as if it held a secret. “It’s as if the roots, you know, parts of the forest were alive in some way. You’ve seen some of them…” He looked into her eyes to see if she would laugh at him.
    She blushed and held up his hand to her lips in a quick kiss. “You are the most adorable boy.” She blushed the more as her lips left his hand. “I was wrong. Oh so wrong.” She started to whirl around but stopped as she looked again into his eyes. “What else?”
    He pointed again and started to step faster and faster.
    She breathed hard and tried to follow his longer steps as best she could. He held back as he neared a point where the forest grew out into the field. “Here is where I lost a rabbit. Set my trap here see? And when I remembered to come back two days later, my trap was stuck down into the same red clay and the rabbit? What was left of it had those same yellow roots from below and those same lighter green ones wrapped around. The bottom and side was sort of melted away into the dirt as if… Nah. I can’t say that.” He started to turn away.
    This time she did spin him around by the hand and arm. He stumbled and each one gasped as their eyes and lips touched. She backed away and blushed her brightest red. “Wow, what was that all about?
    He backed away too, not in blush but at a new touch coursing through his body from her kiss. Wow, what was that all about?
    Her eyes teased a look back at him as she blurted out without thinking. “There. If you don’t tell me the rest, I’ll. I’ll kiss you again.” She almost cried out after her words but the return look in his eyes held the cry in her throat.

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