one of the best tips I’ve read in a long time

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I loved this article by Janice Hardy. Her tips on how to enhance a story with characters really got me to thinking more about mine.

Everyone has quirks. Good, bad, funny, sad, or funky, we all have something that makes us unique. So, what is weird or quirky about your characters?

However, just adding a limp or lazy eye won’t do the trick.

So just what is my favorite tip?

No Talking!


That’s right! No talking. Janice suggests take a scene, or section of the story and cut out all of the dialogue. Now take another look. Can you imagine the character? Can you name something unique about them without reverting to their eye color, height, weight, hair, etc.?

I can’t wait to try this!

This is just one of her invaluable tips. Click the link below to read the others.

What do you think?

Do you think cutting the…

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4 thoughts on “one of the best tips I’ve read in a long time

  1. That’s an intersting tip.
    Personally, I use a lot of body languge in my stories (yeah… even too much most of the time, then I have to edit it out) so I do think that’s totally possible to do. We do tend to use too much dialogue, especially in the first drafts, because we need to discover the characters ourselves. I find that in subsequent revisions I tend to cut a lot of the dialogue and repalce it with body language or action. It’s tricky, sometimes, because as writers, we leave a lot of space for the reader’s interpration… but that’s part of the beauty of storytelling, I think 😉

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