Top of 2016 #1: Guest Post: Writing Weird Stuff- Or Breaking Every Rule in the Book by Sue Vincent

Legends of Windemere

(I’m going to be posting the Top 7 posts of 2016 this week.  I only chose the ones that debuted in 2016 since a lot of old ones hit the mark like Dinosaurs in Fantasy and Conflict: Fancy Way of Saying Good Vs. Evil.  The top of the list is a guest post by Sue Vincent, which originally turned up HERE last January.)

Wayland's Smithy

We never set out to write a book. We were just a couple of friends who fell into an incredible adventure… an adventure we didn’t even begin to understand for quite some time.

Even that first weekend was an ‘accident’… we had been supposed to attend another gathering that had been cancelled; an event to mark the coming into being of the Silent Eye, a spiritual school we were helping to bring to birth. We decided that, rather than waste the time off, Stuart would travel the…

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