2016 #YearEndWrapUp: #WordPressFails Grade for 2016: F-

Although I love much of what WordPress gives us to make it easy to interact, like, share, etc, I agree with Connie regards it’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ Admin area ‘enhancements’
Come on WordPress – Spare a thought for Old Bloggers like me, who still use archaic devices like computers and tablets to do our blogging from.

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Epic Fails signWhen I began blogging in 2011, I initially went with Google’sBloggerplatform, because a friend of mine was a Blogger user. It was simple and easy to use, but several friends had WordPress blogs, and I liked the way their blogs looked in comparison.

So I made the switch. Up until January of 2016, I was a happy WordPress user. On January 15, 2016, I went to write my blogpost for the day only to find I couldn’t get to my faithful Dashboard and was forced to use the “new improved posting experience.”

That didn’t sit well with me. That post was titled  WordPress Blues. For some reason, that rant struck a chord with many WordPress users, and it started off like this:

WordPress people…you have pissed me off.

For a year now you have been trying to shove this new, less-than-useful dashboard down my throat, and for…

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20 thoughts on “2016 #YearEndWrapUp: #WordPressFails Grade for 2016: F-

  1. I only have George’s Guinea Pig World left on the free WordPress. Monday, the bar at the top didn’t show me the drop down where I could go to the Dashboard. I eventually found it at the bottom of the new drop down bar (now in blue on white). You’re right, WP.com is becoming unusable for anyone but the most basic bloggers. So far WP.org shows the dashboard in its correct place, with an annoying ‘upgrade to the new easy to use post site’ banner, but that’s ignorable. I’m thinking of transferring georgesgpworld to a subdomain on .org. Maybe one day I’ll have to export them all to Weebly or something. Sigh.
    And at this time of year – for those of you, like me, who forget regular housekeeping – remember to back up all your computers and websites!
    Happy New Year, Chris. At least on a personal level.

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  2. I am lucky. In all the years I have had wordpress I have never had problems. Yes the new upgrade write screen is lighter and laid out differently, but I am lucky it doesn’t bother me. I never used the wordpress admin for much other than my upgrades. I put links in by using reblog for those blogs that offer it and I love it. For those that do not I use “Add This” an extension I added to my google chrome. It puts in the link and lets me add what text I want. I do not have a major problem with adding photos, memes, or videos as I simply click in the page and normally they show right up. I have had a few that did have to be saved then loaded, but only a few, and not for a while. I have a blogger page, but did not like it and have not used it in a long time. Sorry for your friends problems. I hope wordpress gets better for her. I think it is great. Oh and I use both my PC and my IPad for posting. Be well and happy. Hugs

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