Brussels Sprouts, one…

Please leave your favourite Single Brussel Sprout recipes for Ian in his original blog post comments 😄😄😄

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.

sprout Sainsbury’s just sent me exactly what I (assume that I) accidentally ordered – a single, lovingly-chosen, carefully-wrapped barcoded Brussels Sprout… £0.04

Just had a Sainsbury’s delivery (met them in the marina car park).

Apparently I cocked up in re the Brussels Sprouts. Where I thought I’d ordered one large pre-packed bag of sprouts they had me down as ordering ONE SPROUT.

They delivered it. Bagged. Labeled. Bar-coded.

It’s a very nice Brussels Sprout.

I don’t think I could cook it though, it would be like eating an orphan.

Besides, what exactly is the cooking time for one sprout?

Be careful what you ask for at Mammonmas; ask the wrong people and you’ll very probably get it!

I’m just glad that I didn’t order any “long waits” or a “fresh bubble for the spirit level” or perhaps a “heftykickupthearse”.

On a serious note, someone at Sainsbury’s thought that selecting and bagging…

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