HOW TO – Link your Blog Posts to Goodreads & Amazon…

Extract of an article by author Maria Murnane on the CreateSpace Community Site:


When it comes to author blogging, there are two questions I hear more than any others:

1. What should I blog about?
2. How can I get people to read my blog?

Regarding the content of your blog, that’s up to you. For the most part, I like to blog about grammar, book marketing, and the writing process itself, but other authors take a more personal approach and share details about their daily lives. Those who write nonfiction often blog about the topics covered in their books to present themselves as experts. For example, the author of a book on personal finance might blog about the best way to prepare taxes, while a cookbook author might share yummy new soup recipes for the cold winter months. A general rule of thumb is to provide interesting, helpful content at least 80 percent of the time. The rest of the time you can promote your book launches, promotions, etc.

Once you have the content of your blog figured out, a great way to get people to find out about the blog itself is to link it to Goodreads and your Amazon author page. Here’s how to do both:

Link your Blog Posts to Goodreads & Amazon


15 thoughts on “HOW TO – Link your Blog Posts to Goodreads & Amazon…

  1. OMG! My book has been selling on Amazon for over 10 years and it took this article for me to realize I had an author page! Wow. Thanks. I just completed my profile and linked to my blog! I owe you one! Thanks from The Lady at


  2. Thanks for this Maria and Chris for bring it to my attention. I’m saving the article for Christmas when I have time to unwrap it a give it the consideration it deserves

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