Amazon customers – SCAM WARNING…

From The Mail Online


Amazon customers are warned of a scam email that aims to get their bank card details: Here’s how to stay safe.

Thousands of fake emails have been sent to Amazon customers
The emails claim that there has been a problem with a recent order
Users are invited to click on a link that appears to go to the company’s website
Amazon has provided details on how to identify the spoof emails

Fake emails purporting to be from Amazon have been sent to thousands of Christmas shoppers around the world.

The mass email scam targets Christmas shoppers in an attempt to steal their bank card details.

The email tries to trick Amazon users by claiming that there has been a problem with a recent order.




27 thoughts on “Amazon customers – SCAM WARNING…

  1. Thank you for advice. I work in an Anti-Money Laundering department and in my experience you should not receive an email regarding a problem with your order. Usually a letter would be sent out. If you’re in doubt, call the customer service department at Amazon and ask them about the email.

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  2. I had one of these in the autumn, check the email address it was sent from as its generally not an amazon email address. I then forwarded it to Amazon fraud department, I never heard anything back but I also never recieved another email.

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