A Special Holiday Gift to My Readers

Author Don Massenzio

Lucy_s_Christmas_MiracleOne of the supporting characters in my Frank Rozzani detective series is not a human, it’s a dog. Lucy the dog inspired a Christmas-themed short story that I wrote a couple of years ago. Lucy is based on an actual dog that we had as a pet with the same name. Our Lucy was also a Black Lab/Border Collie mix like the dog in the books and this story. She was a very smart dog that basically trained herself.

From December 8th – 12th, I’m giving this story away for free. You can get a copy HERE.

I wrote this story completely on a flight from Atlanta to Boston. It was about a two hour flight in rough weather.  It’s a light-hearted mystery about a child that goes missing and the events leading up to finding her.

It was originally meant to be a quick tale to get readers…

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