Why Authors Need A Business Card – Guest Post…

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If you’re a published author and don’t already have some business cards, it might be worth considering. They are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to advertise your books, and a convenient way to give anyone you meet the information they need to find them. Having a business card also makes you appear more professional.

People will often express interest in your writing, but can easily forget the details after they finish the conversation. With your business card in their hand, they are much more likely to proceed to the next step and perhaps to a sale. It also gives you an easy and convenient way to provide people with your contact details and a place to find your buyer links. Quickly handing over a card is far preferable to searching for a pen and scribbling the information on a scrap of paper.

Various online sales outlets allow you to upload your own designs and images and modify the arrangement and style of text, all for a surprisingly low cost.

The information on your business card

Aim to design a business card that looks professional and includes the most important information. Order a small batch at first, perhaps 250 cards, as you may decide to make changes or include more information after that.

On the back of the card, have an image of your book covers or other image that represents your brand.

On the front of the card, have all your written details. Keep the font bold and clear, and unify the text style it so that it matches the font on your book covers or brand image. Be sure to include the following:

    • Your name

    • Your job description – Author – and the name of your series or genre

    • Your website

    • Your email address

    • One or two of your other social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter.

You might also consider a business card dedicated your latest book release.

When to hand out your business card

Never leave home without a collection of business cards, and keep them in a cardholder so that they stay tidy and in good condition. You don’t want it to appear as if your card has been lying at the bottom of your bag for the last six months.

Hand them out whenever the opportunity presents itself, and be alert to any situation where that chance might arise.

Here are some suggestions of when and where to use them, after introducing yourself, discussing your writing, or responding to the the inevitable, “so what do you do?” question. Hand them out:

  1. To family and friends

  2. To work colleagues

  3. To strangers you chat with on public transport, in queues and elsewhere

  4. To people you meet while travelling or on vacation

  5. To bookstores

  6. At book signings

  7. At readings

  8. At conferences, seminars and classes

  9. At other events

  10. When you meet agents or publishers

  11. When you meet other writers

  12. When you give talks or training courses

  13. When you are helping at markets or stalls

You can also attach them to some of your correspondence.

Think of your business cards as a comparatively low cost form of advertising. They are a marketing tool that many writers find effective. Remember to always carry them, ready to hand out whenever you have the chance.

I would love to hear if you have found business cards to be a worthwhile investment and how you have used them.

Toni Pike

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58 thoughts on “Why Authors Need A Business Card – Guest Post…

  1. Great thinking in your article regarding the issue of business cards. I also found having cards with a blank on one side provides me an opportunity to get the other persons details should they not have a card. Win Win. Good luck with your ventures

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