Meet Guest Author Hugh W Roberts…

hugh-w-robertsHello. My name is Hugh W. Roberts and I am dyslexic. Once upon a time, that last word was very hard to say and for many years it stopped me from doing what I always wanted to do – write.

In February 2014, I discovered Blogging. On the day I published my first post, new doors opened for both my writing and I. I haven’t looked back since then and at the time of writing this am very proud to say that I am about to publish my first book of short stories.

I live in Swansea in South Wales, in the United Kingdom, with my civil-partner John and our Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Toby. I was born in South Wales but spent most of my life living in various parts of the UK, including London where I lived and worked for 27 years. We returned to live in Wales in early 2016.

I enjoy cycling, walking, photography, eating out, and watching television. I have always been a big fan of Science-Fiction and it is shows such as ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ that inspire me and my writing. I like reading stories that take me on a path with an unexpected ending. I’m a fan of Gerry Anderson and admire what he did in bringing shows such as Thunderbirds and Space 1999 to our screens.


Not only has blogging helped me to write again, but it has also brought me into the worlds and communities of many other writers and authors. I’ve learned a great deal about the art blogging and like to share help and give advice by publishing ‘How To’ articles on my blog. I also publish some of my photography and short stories on my blog and most of all enjoy interacting with other bloggers. You’ll find my blog contains a lot of variety.


My favourite author is Armistead Maupin. His ‘Tales Of The City’ books have inspired me to write a work in progress novel about my life in London. Based on fact and fiction it is something I will be turning my attention to over the next year. However, before then, I am working on my second volume of short stories which I hope to publish by the end of 2017.


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35 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Hugh W Roberts…

  1. You are a real inspiration Hugh, look how far you have come in two years! I for one, am glad you took up blogging (and so did I), or our paths would never have crossed! I am also so pleased that I got to meet you as well 🙂

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