Meet Guest Author Vicki Lee Zell…

vicki-lee-zellHello everyone and thank you for supporting new upcoming authors.

My name is Vicki lee Zell, (VLZ pen name) and I have been writing stories since I was eleven years of age.

I have always loved hearing stories around the campfire, which in my case, as was in the case of my siblings, around the woodstove. I was born in a small town, so small, the folks who live there would joke if you blinked you would miss our town altogether. It was a small community of family and friends and neighbors, who at the time I was young, an enormous sized family.

Everyone knew everyone. You never locked your doors, even at night. Neighbors would drop by and simply announce themselves as they entered your home. No one was shy in that way. We all seemed to live in harmony.

We, as children, played well into the night, especially in the summer months when school recessed. It was glorious playing and running, oblivious to the entire outside world.

Then, of course, we grow old, as we grow older by the minute, and we find ourselves in a totally different scenario, and life doesn’t have that vitality we once had when we were children.

The importance in life is you, yourself, and who you choose to become. Hopefully, you will become a responsible person who has a head on your shoulders and knows right from wrong, and you do more right than wrong and Pay It Forward, because, after all, we are all in this together no matter what anyone thinks.

We all are born. We all go through this life in the same manner, perhaps a bit different because of where we arrive from. But, the bottom line is, and yes there is always a bottom line. It is, we are born, live, and die accordingly, and no one can escape this bottom line, it is inevitable, unless of course, you are a god, angel, even perhaps, a devil, because the truth is, angels come in varieties.

When the internet arrived on the scene, as some used to say in my day, it was unreal. I was flabbergasted at the technology of what human endeavors were capable of. Wow! It seems like a dream come true for anyone who has ever wanted to tell their story about anything. I, personally, like to tell stories to entertain, to get readers to think outside of themselves, and wonder what if…

I don’t beat around the bush. I have no time for that. So, if you are looking for fairytale endings in my genre of fiction, well, sorry, you won’t find any of those. I tell tall tales of woe, with mystery and suspense, a bit of horror, but not the gore and guts kind.

Mr. Alfred Hitchcock was one of those talented beings who had the flare for making us squeamish, and he did that with taste and just the right amount of terror. Christie, Clark, two examples of near-perfect suspense, because let’s face it, folks, no one is perfect. So this is but a slice of who I am. If at all interested in me, my tales, and yourself, and would like to be entertained for a few hours, then please by all means stop by my office at VLZ Books and look around a bit.

I do hope you will leave your name and email address so I may keep in touch to let you know what I am doing, and I hope you will do the same because I love to hear from folks.

It was nice chatting with you, whoever you might be, and I pour out to you thankfulness and wish you well in all of your goals. (Happy trails to you until we meet again) the uplifting jingle thanks to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, may you both RIP.




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11 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Vicki Lee Zell…

    • Thank you and it is very pleasant to meet you as well. I am a bit unorthodox, so I have been told throughout my near 64 yrs on this planet. I believe in being yourself regardless of others standards of who they think they believe you should be. We have one chance in this state of being before we go where we go, and I am straight on to say that NO ONE knows where that is, no matter how devoted to their God they are. I have always told anyone who crosses my path, ask me and I will tell you, even though it may be not what you want to hear.

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