My runaway hit The Navigators is on sale for 99 cents – act fast, limited time!


Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Yeah, I set up a Kindle countdown deal for The Navigators, so you have less than 40 hours to get it for $0.99 CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW

itas-dan-2 it’s awesome, ask anybody

Then the price goes up, and after Christmas the price goes to $4.99. Ho, ho, ho!

Allison 2 will keep you guessing at every turn she loved it

Paperbacks are still a bargain for $7.99 plus shipping, but if you want a SIGNED COPYyou can buy one from me directly FOR THE SAME PRICE by using the Contact Me button and requesting one. (And paying for it.) I swear I’ll get them all signed and mailed before December 1st if you ask in the next 7 days or so.

meerkat-review-1 she loved it, too

I rarely use the blog to announce deals like this, so appreciate the aberration for what it is: a limited time thing that

YOU should reblog and share and tweet about and…

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