7 Ways to Make an Author Smile

WARNING: REVIEWS NOT INCLUDED – but please don’t let that stop you leaving any, or comments on Charles’ blog, or . . . 😃

Legends of Windemere

The Obvious Answer The Obvious Answer

Being an author can be thankless at times.  You toil over your book, fatigue over edits, stress over publishing, and go nuts over promoting.  All for even one sale or a review that will make you happy.  Just something to make it all worthwhile.  Now, we’ve all heard that buying the book, sharing the book, and reviewing the book can make an author smile.  What about the lesser known pick me ups, especially if you know the author personally?

  1. Can’t go wrong with giving them coffee, but this doesn’t go for every author. Contrary to belief, not every author likes coffee. For example, it makes me sleepy, so that would be a bad idea. Just do a little research and find out what the author likes as an energy source during those rough patches.  Heck, a scratch-and-sniff sticker can work, especially with touchscreens. Doesn’t even have to…

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