The ELLIPSIS… (Writing Tips) – Infographic…




11 thoughts on “The ELLIPSIS… (Writing Tips) – Infographic…

  1. Yes I use ellipsis often . . . most of the time I love them . . . except when they come at the end of a line and one dot gets spat onto the next line!

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  2. Cool infographic 🙂
    The ellipsis is one of those punctuation marks that I tend to avoid. You know, one of those that leave you in the middle and you don’t really know what to do with them, like semicolons. I just don’t like them, so I avoid using them evey time I can.

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    • I have to admit… a blogger, I use ellipsis quite often… pauses…..
      Or at the end of a blog title…
      So it doesn’t run up against the link shown on tweets…
      But then – I’m only an old ape – so I use any old thing to brighten up my sentences – even dashes….. 😀 😀 😀

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