Macabre Macaroni – Guest Post…

It looks like Chris decided to allow me back after my last post. I’m honored to be here, and this is the second of four posts he offered.

October is my favorite month of the year. I was born in October, so maybe that’s part of it. I like the changing leaves, the dropping temperatures, and the hint of mischief in the air, Halloween is coming you know. One of the things I have planned this year is to be everywhere during October. This post is part of that effort.

My own blog is called Entertaining Stories and it’s basically Craig central. It feeds into my Facebook Page and Twitter, but the madness happens on the blog.

This month I’m going to be running multiple promos. At the time of this writing, I haven’t initiated them yet (It’s August right now) but here is what I have planned. I may do some free books, I’m almost certain to run an Amazon giveaway campaign, and I’m going to post some micro-fiction on my blog that I call Macabre Macaroni. It looks like Tuesday’s are the day for those.

The point is, to get all the up-to-date info, my blog is where I’m going to be sharing the details. I’d appreciate you dropping by and saying, “Hi.” Maybe you can participate in one of the promotions.

I’ve written a few books that make great Halloween reading. Let’s talk about them.

involves two old soldiers who get recruited by Teddy Roosevelt to go to the canal construction zone to investigate something otherworldly that is sweeping away the construction workers. What they find is an army of monsters created by a Carlist zealot who has dreams of placing his person on the throne of Spain, and reclaiming all the Spanish colonies in the New World. There is also the bid for Panamanian independence to deal with, and renegades who prey upon those who get too far away from the protected areas. These guys are overmatched, out gunned, and outnumbered. They might find a way to muddle through though. This one is a fun “buddy story” and includes celebrity cameos from that era.

Will O’ the Wisp
is the story of a fifteen year old girl growing up in the 1970s. One night while stargazing, she witnesses a will o’ the wisp taking possession of a boy headed for college. Patty Hall thinks she’s come across something alien, but she couldn’t be more wrong. Something ancient and malignant is trying to kill her, and if she doesn’t figure it out soon she will be the next Hall in the family cemetery plot. This book features a strong coming of age story, a nice trip down memory lane for those who witnessed the 70s, and a suspense driven story that will keep you reading to the end.

PlaygroundThe Playground is a paranormal story with science fiction sprinkles on top. It’s the kind of science fiction I like to call ten minutes into the future. An obsessive businessman created a line of dolls and plush toys that include a social network for children. His ultimate plan is to create an army utilizing our children, and they’ve already invaded every home in America. The network is slowly brainwashing them to his will. To speed up his plan, he turns to the occult. The only thing missing is the next generation of software to upgrade the network. This story is told from the point of view of three characters. Gina is a doctor who has her own brush with the occult. She now has the power, but not the knowledge, to bring this to a screeching halt. Chloe is a child who received a Playground doll for Christmas. She represents the victims in this story. Clovis is a brutal thug hired to retrieve the missing software. He’s bigger, better armed, and more street savvy than Gina. He also has a head start. This one is my tribute to the story telling style of Tarantino and Frank Miller. Think of it like Pulp Fiction and Sin City mashed into a paranormal story.

There you have it. Happy Halloween everyone. Come by the blog, read some Macabre Macaroni, enter whatever contests I can come up with (I mentioned it’s August as I’m writing this didn’t I?) and maybe check out one of my paranormal books. Not willing to take a chance on a new novelist? I get it. You can sample my short fiction in two Experimental Notebooks for 99c each, many of those stories fit the Halloween theme too.

Craig Boyack.

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31 thoughts on “Macabre Macaroni – Guest Post…

  1. You’re really gettin’ around! Great to “see” ya over here.You must write constantly to pump out the fiction you write and keep up with all of these guest posts/interviews. I completed ten interviews this week and have four more gust posts to write and my brain is word mush.

    October is my youngest son’s birthday. He was nearly born on a country back road. It was freezing cold and deer were all over the place. I expected to hit a deer, birth the baby, and be forced to stuff him inside of a field dressed deer to keep him warm. I made it to the hospital at 5:00 and he was born at 5:07 am. Enjoy your autumn….I sorely miss it.

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