Tips for aspiring writers in 12 infographics…

Extract from an article by Ola Kowalczyk on

You’ll find below the infographics that can guide you through the process of writing and publishing your first book.

Today, everyone is a writer. Some people write extensive and thoughtful blog articles. Others get attention with smart comments under Facebook posts. Many consider moving to a higher level – the one that ends up with a book publication.

Combine it with the fact that writing a book is one of the biggest dreams of people around the world. In 2011 over 200 million Americans wanted to publish the book.

Obviously, a vast majority never started writing. And that’s bad.

Don’t get afraid that no one will read your book. You will read that book, and it’s important enough to start. As Toni Morrison once said:

If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

Most importantly, by writing a book, you’ll learn more about life and yourself than by reading one.

Continue reading the rest of the article, see larger versions of the Infographics by clicking on the link or image below (NOTE: click on the individual Infographics on the original site to enlarge them):

12 infographics



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