Do writers need to worry about passwords?

Whether you use Passwords or PassPhrases, employ combinations of caps and normal letters plus numbers, using a MINIMUM of NINE characters (the more you use the better) to make it as difficult as possible for hackers. 🐵

Jean's Writing

If you use the internet the answer is yes.


anger-477044_640image source

Because there are idiots trolling for information, useless or not. Nothing seems private anymore. While on holiday I had the joy of having a hacker hit my Citicard hit.

I recently pulled my head out of my book for a few minutes to catch up on the outside world and read something about “passphrase.”

Now don’t go rolling your eyes at me, I know passphrase isn’t new. Not to most people but I’m usually too busy keeping up with my imaginary characters to keep up with much else. Sigh.

Apparently, passwords have become way too easy for hackers to well, access our world. I don’t know about you, but I do everything on my computer! I certainly don’t want uninvited weirdos sulking about inside my mind (computer) and messing with my stuff. Credit cards or manuscripts! One thing…

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