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wordpress logoAfter another appallingly quiet day on WordPress, where none of my favourite bloggers seem to have posted…again... a quick scroll through the dreaded Reader confirmed my worst fears.

“You have blocked all email notifications.”

Once again, I beg to differ, dear WordPress. You may have blocked all my email notifications… I certainly haven’t. Not in error, not by accident, not at all.

It is, however, an easy fix… and once again my computer will be chirping away with happy little pings and whirrs….until they do it again and I sit there twiddling my thumbs wondering why the place is so quiet.

The irony is that by posting the solution yet again, it will not be available to anyone who relies on email notifications if said notifications have been already been blocked.

If it happens to you:

1. Hover over ‘Reader’ top left to bring up menu and select…

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18 thoughts on “Grrr…

  1. If I think I’m missing people’s updates, I poke the stick at the list of Follows, as Sue says, and set them to ‘daily digest by email’ for a couple of days and see if that works. Sometimes it works better, sometimes I have to try another setting.

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  2. I’d swear in a court of law that Windows 10 has spyware installed. My browser is screwed up since the last updates, which MS is now shoving down our throats, complete with popup ads. Why would they take away the option to update manually, if not for some covert and pernicious purpose? It feels like they’re coming into our homes and assaulting us. And of late, WP isn’t much better. Hopefully, theirs is due to a programming glitch that they’ll soon (I hope!) fix.There has to be a way to protest, but finding a way to contact all of these folks is next to impossible. And if you do find a way, you rarely if ever get a response.

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  3. I have a subscription, mainly because I hate the ads! Still I agree: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

    WordPress needs to stop meddling with stuff, much in the same way that Microsoft should get rid of Windows 8, 8.1, and 10…give me back my Windows 7!

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  4. I don’t know. it’s like their frigging new mode which is hopeless. (I still have a classic mode post saved and I can get in from there BUT they have juggled the buttons about so you nearly press switch instead of post.) They can’t leave well alone. Re this biz here you used to be able to get into your settings and you could sort the email biz there but then they removed that tab. Another blogger told me how to sort it though. There is nothing on wordpress to tell you. I noticed that has been mentioned here. If they are going to insist on an RSS that is really unfair to people like yourself. You work away to build a following etc, then what? Okay here is me mouthing off when I have a free site BUT the other week folks with a paid site were up the wall.

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